The president of Israel, Shimon Peres, and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas met in the Vatican home of Pope Francis for a 90 minute prayer of peace. Relations between Israel and Palestine had deteriorated recently as the political party Fatah joined to form a coalition government with Hamas, a known terrorist organization. The meeting for a prayer of peace is a positive first step in restoring the Middle East peace process.

A supercomputer designed by two Russian scientists has passed the Turing Test, a test to see if a conversation with a computer can fool humans, at the University of Reading at the Royal Society of London on June 7th. The chat based challenge fooled judges 33% of the time as a 13 year old Ukranian boy, the threshold for passing the Turing Test.

Scientists from the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin have confirmed via carbon dating that a pair of trousers from a cemetery in Beijing, China are 3000 years old. Though earlier period clothing were of the skirt and cloak variety, the advent of horse riding ushered in the trouser format used in this study.