Physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology have confirmed the successful teleporation of quantum particles at a distance of 10 feet. A breakthrough in controlling quantum entanglement theory, the scientists plan a follow up experiment at a distance of 1/2 km to further confirm their experiment!

Researchers at Imperial College London have discovered a technique that can result in matter produced from light. Though not something that will yet produce physical objects as we see in science fiction shows, the technique produces electrons and positrons from colliding two sets of super energetic photons. Exciting times indeed!

Physicists at the University of British Columbia are one step closer to the holy grail of room temperature super conductivity. Should scientists have a break through in this field in the coming years from the finding, a whole new world of technological wonders such as mag-lev trains seen in sci-fi movies, cheap water purification, space elevators and more can be a reality in our lifetimes! Exciting times indeed.