Scientists from Cornell University have discovered in a study of 2500 vegetarians, that, their genes have mutated over hundreds of years so that their bodies naturally produce Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids on their own! Very curious sign on ongoing human evolution in modern times! ^_^ enjoy:

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has discovered what is yet the closest living twin to our own planet Earth: Kepler-452b in the constallation Cygnus, about 1,400 light years away. What makes this discovery promising is that Kepler-452b orbits its own sun, about the same distance as ours, its sun is about the same size as ours, it has an annual orbit of 385 days in a year, and may very well have an atmosphere of clouds and active volcanoes on its surface! Exciting times to be living in folks!

Archaeologist have uncovered what were previously invisible paintings at the 900 year old Angor Wat temple in Cambodia, the journal Antiquity reported. Using the same technology employed on the NASA Mars Opportunity rover, the images were uncovered to reveal life during the transition period between the Hindu and Buddhist phases of the site.

Researchers at Imperial College London have discovered a technique that can result in matter produced from light. Though not something that will yet produce physical objects as we see in science fiction shows, the technique produces electrons and positrons from colliding two sets of super energetic photons. Exciting times indeed!