Archaeologist have uncovered what were previously invisible paintings at the 900 year old Angor Wat temple in Cambodia, the journal Antiquity reported. Using the same technology employed on the NASA Mars Opportunity rover, the images were uncovered to reveal life during the transition period between the Hindu and Buddhist phases of the site.

Even older than the Nazca lines (and culture), a new set of ancient geoglyphs have been discovered in Peru. What is interesting is that these lines are attributed to the Paracas culture that thrived in the area 800 to 100 b.c. The elongated ‘Paracas’ skull was recently in the news for its unusual prolonged skull that could not be genetically explained.

We’ve all at one point or another, admired the sheer grandness of the world’s tallest buildings like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. Now, Hitachi has announced the world’s fastest elevator for the Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre skyscraper to open in 2016. The speed? A whopping 95 floors in 43 seconds flat!